Evaluations for Immigration Cases

At the request of lawyers working with clients who are facing immigration issues, I provide Mental Health Assessments (MHA). If you or someone you love (your spouse, child, or parent) is applying for immigration benefit before U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) or before the Immigration Court, an immigration lawyer may be able to advise whether an MHA would be helpful in your case. Here are two of several different law firms that I have worked with:

The Assessment

The assessment provides a comprehensive evaluation of the bio-psycho-social impact on the qualifying relative (person being assessed) if the benefit (such as an immigrant visa) is denied, thus resulting in separation of the immigrant (person facing immigration issue) from the qualifying relative. The assessment process includes a 2-1/2 hour appointment, requires at least two weeks or more for completion, and consists of the following:

  • Considers historical information about the qualifying relative’s family, childhood, significant relationships, and educational and work history;
  • Assesses the qualifying relative’s current emotional functioning and history of mental health and/or alcohol and other drug concerns;
  • Evaluates present symptoms and concerns of the qualifying relative using standardized objective assessment screening tools;
  • Provides an analysis of the collected data including a summary of narrative information gathered from the qualifying relative and collateral contacts, if applicable;
  • States clinical findings in a five-axis diagnostic section; and
  • Includes independent recommendations for further treatment and/or evaluation of the qualifying relative.

Please have your lawyer contact me if an MHA would benefit your case.