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“Happiness is permanent. It is always there.

What comes and goes is unhappiness.

If you identify with what comes and goes you will be unhappy.

If you identify with what is permanent and always there you are happiness itself.”


We all go through hard times - in relationships with others and within ourselves. Asking for help to make change in your life takes courage.

Therapy can help you expand your inner resilience – your ability to take good care of yourself - even when life sends you an unbearable challenge. It can provide support and problem-solving skills, heal old hurts and enhance your self-knowledge and acceptance. It can help you minimize the impact of acute and long-term stress, trauma, self-doubt, anxiety, depression, creative blocks, spiritual conflicts, unresolved childhood issues, chronic physical conditions, interpersonal conflict, societal pressures, and life transitions, among others.

People who seek psychotherapy are willing to work toward self-change, develop greater awareness and take responsibility for their own behaviors and experiences.I generate a protected space for you to better understand your personal story and develop coping skills so that you can release the flow of your innate happiness.

You are the best expert in your own life experience.

You are wise.

And you have the capacity to overcome the adversity in your life.